Name: Oli Buck
Age: 31
Hometown: Bristol, now living in Cardiff
Works As: Financial analyst and trader
Why row GB?:
Good question…! Basically 2 guys dropped out, Leo (skipper) made it sound like a lot of fun.
I hate Leo.
The reality for me is that the opportunity to do something like this with my mates, and raise some money for people who are in dire need of it… Why not? And I couldn’t think of a single reason.
Past Adventures and Achievements:
I survived the 1989 summer hosepipe ban in Kent
I once ate 30 Chicken Selects ™ in one sitting
I summited Mt Kilimanjaro in 2011 raising money for Help for Heroes
Future Aspirations:
If we survive this one possibly more ocean rowing. Jurys out on that one though…
Summit Mt Blanc and the Matterhorn
35 Chicken Selects ™
What will I miss?:
Ice Cream
My bed
Chicken Selects ™
Upon My Return:
Hug my mum, have several beers, rush to my sisters wedding (she will NOT be happy if I miss that one)
Finally enjoy the moment, the achievement and the solid ground beneath my feet.

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