Name: Luke Tasker
Age: 8 and three quarters
Hometown: Clitheroe, Now Bath
Works As: Great British Modern Modern Pentathlete
Why row GB?:
It's an incredible opportunity to do something with my mates, however as none of them were interested, these guys will have to do. It will be an amazing experience to challenge myself whilst raising money for a worthy cause.
Past Adventures and Achievements:
I grew up north of the wall and survived
I was the first ever British male to medal at the youth European championships
Once complained enough to get free internet for five months
Future Aspirations:
Summit Everest
Move on from Velcro to Lace up shoes
Marathon Du Sable
What will I miss?:
Chips and gravy
My bed
My Parents
Upon My Return:
Hug my parents
Enjoy the moment and look back at our amazing phenomenal expedition
Carry drunk Leo to bed

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