Name: Leo Forster
Age: 25
Hometown: Sherborne, Now Cardiff
Works As: Analyst and trader
Why row GB?:
As an unqualified idea’s man that often suggests new projects with zero planning or organisation ocean rowing has always seemed like an amazing adventure! So rowing around great Britain, seeing our incredible coastline while trying to set a world record with my mates was something I knew I had to arrange.
I’m told that when I don’t have an adventure to train for, I kind of let myself go… Hence the new adventure.
Past Adventures and Achievements:
Cried during Kalmar Ironman… twice
Future Aspirations:
The North Pole Marathon
What will I miss?:
My Girlfriend, Kate
Almond Magnums
Peanut butter Magnums
Decent Coffee
Flushable Toilet
Upon My Return:
Insist on being more than 10 meters away from the rest of the boys at all times.
Shave off my dreadful ginger beard

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