Name: Dan Forster
Age: 28
Hometown: Sherborne, Now Cardiff
Works As: Medical Sales
Why row GB?:
Leo had asked literally everybody else, who promptly declined. Then our Mum forced Leo to let me come and play. In seriousness I have always challenged myself, whether that be in a sporting environment or just trying to say no to a second helping of dessert.
Past Adventures and Achievements:
Sub 5 Hour Half Ironman
Represented my CrossFit affiliate at Meridian Regionals
Polished off a 3500Kcal Cheesecake (numerous times)
Future Aspirations:
Complete a full Ironman
Ill see how I get on with this rowing stuff, the Atlantic and Pacific aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.
What will I miss?:
My girlfriend who will most likely buy a puppy whilst I’m away
My own bed
Personal space and basic hygiene
Upon My Return:
Hug my parents
Take great pleasure in handing over a phenomenal sum of money to the NuVasive Spine Foundation
Try and return the horrifically stupid outfits my girlfriend has bought the puppy

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